Sell-side Advisory

Advisory, planning and execution of companies in the sellside, structuring and managing of the process, preparing the necessary documentation for the sale, determining the valuation of the company and dealing the negotiations until the closing 

New partners search

Advisory related to new partners’ entrance to the company’s shareholding structure, either through capital raising to provide enough financial resources, or through buying the current shares

Buy-side Advisory

Build-up advisory defining the acquisition of new targets: identification, access, prepare the execution process, financial analysis and valuation of the target, define the basis of negotiation and the business intregation plan 


Merger advisory based on the searching of companies with potential fit that will add extra value to the new group. We help on the critical issues such as joint business plan, exchange ratio, corporate governance and partners’ agreement. We cover all topics to complete a successful merge 

Private Equity Advisory

Advisory to Financial Investors

Prepare the Company for entering into a corporate transaction

Service based on a series of work sessions to certify or validate if the company would be prepared to successfully execute a corporate transaction.

Competitive landscape analysis

Service based on making a comparison or benchmarking of the company vs its peers in terms of financial, economic and business aspects, to Show the relative gap between all of them.

M&A Insights per sector

Service based on offering a complete study of the M&A dynamics of a sector in terms of rationale of the deals, valuation multiples, type of buyers (strategic vs financial), main trends, etc.

Optimizing financial structure and funding search

Analyse of the company’s optimal financial structure, preparation of all the necessary documentation to raise funding 

Independent Business Review

Business plan analysis including stress analysis to advise shareholders and the finance department to find out the debt capacity of the business. These analysis are important to negotiate a better financial conditions for the company or to raise red flags before the analysis of the risk committees of the Financial Institutions

Strategic alliances and Joint Ventures

Research for new partners aiming to sign strategic agreements such as third party manufacturing or joint venture agreements to penetrate new markets

Valuation Report

Independent valuation reports based on valuation methodologies widely accepted. These reports are used in the context of a transation, MBO, refinancing, measurements of value creation by the board of directors, and so on

Business plan

Advise in the preparation and definition of business plans aiming to obtain the necessary financial resources, such as bank financing, public funding, capital increase and so on 

International expansion plans

Design of the international expansion and export plans. Advise in international financial transactions (including export and investment). Advise in other international operations such as credit insurance for export, market access and market development

Financial Due Diligence

Assist the buyer in the target analysis in a context of a M&A deal